Friday, February 27, 2009

9 month stats

We went to the doctor on Monday for Abigail's nine month check up. Now that she is so active we have to bring toys and books to keep her busy, otherwise she crinkles the paper and tries to eat it. :) Abby is now 14 lbs 14 oz and 26.5 inches long. She is a tiny little doll. She is only in the 3rd percentile. The doctor was concerned because she fell below her normal growth curve. Our pediatrician doesn't think Abby has any digestive problems because she has never had any problems with vomiting or diarrhea. She thinks that Abby is just not eating enough calories. Abigail is not a picky eater, but she just doesn't like to eat very much. We are now making sure that we mix formula into her solid foods. I have started pumping again to increase my milk supply. I have also been creative with some new recipes using my breast milk. She has had a banana yogurt smoothie and mashed potatoes. Instead of using cow's milk for these, I used breast milk. She seemed to enjoy them! I was really upset on Monday after hearing Abigail is not growing as much as we would like. We have an appointment scheduled in six weeks to check her progress. If she is still not gaining appropriately, the doctor will order some blood tests. Abby is meeting all her developmental milestones and seems very healthy. She just may be very tiny. For now, I am offering her time to nurse more than often, and giving her yummy yogurt and avocados. Here are some other interesting tidbits about Abigail these days:
*loves to feed herself bananas and string cheese
*bobs up and down when listening to music
*still only has one tooth
*loves to play with her toys in the bath and splash, splash, splash
*still in size two diapers
*wears 6 month clothes/ some 6-9 month clothes fit her on top, but are way too big on the bottoms, she slides right out of them
*likes to play with other babies her age
*loves peek-a-boo
*loves to crawl after the dogs
*enjoys reading her Lovebug book, once it starts its musicbox tune she claps her hands up and down on the book with huge smiles
*still sucks her thumb
*her hair is growing so fast and is curly in the back
*looks really pretty in the color purple
*straws and spoons keep her entertained at restaurants
*scrunches up her nose and breathes in and out quickly with a funny smile
*has bedtime stories, prayers, and songs every night
*ticklish on her tummy, neck, and thighs
*gives great hugs in the morning when she wakes up
*crawls quickly everywhere
*pulls herself up to stand and balances with one hand holding on
*loves to touch our DVR, Wii, and alarm clock that are on our console below the TV (We are looking for an enclosed entertainment unit.)
*walks when we hold her hands in front of us
*talking with new sounds (loves to say babababa)
Love the curls!!!


Traci said...

Hi KIm!
Hang in there with the low weight gain. That can be very frustrating! She sure looks super cute! She's got enough hair to make up for teeth at this point. :-) Love you lots! Keep up the great work!!!!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Sorry about her waight. Josiah is over the norms and on the edge of being overweight. He is always hungry and nurses just as much as before. I will be praying.

The Denny Family said...

Hey Kimberly, its great to read about your little girl. I had the opposite issue with Isabella she was a chunky monkey and was way over the growth line (above 100%) for a long time. She just leveled out at her 9 month appointment. So I've got huge muscles since she has been over 20 pounds for 5 months. I think the normal ranges don't fit every baby. Anyway your little one is so cute, I'm glad you found my blog. :o)