Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catching up and 11 Month Stats

I am finally getting around to writing again on my blog. Yay! The last month has been a bit crazy around here. David has been working insane hours, our refrigerator broke, a sink overflowed, and our dog, Macy, got another ear infection. Thankfully, David's work has slowed down a bit. He actually had dinner with the family a few nights this week. :) With a lot research on the internet and some prayer, I was able to fix our refrigerator. Wow, even I surprised myself. David fixed the sink and our dog just finished her round of antibiotics. Abigail and I have missed having David around, and it makes me even more thankful for the partnership and loving family we have. God has given us so much. I am extremely proud of my husband and his dedication to do an awesome job even though he was working countless hours with little to no sleep. What a great guy! I am so blessed!

Abigail has been growing up so fast. She is getting bigger and more independent.We made our monthly trip to the Wellness Center for her weight check and she is now 16 lbs 1 oz. This is still below the 3rd percentile, but after our last visit to the doctor, we were told not to worry, and to keep doing what we are doing. She will be checked out again at her one year checkup. As long as she continues to grow, we should not be concerned. We have been creative in the food department, offering her a variety of options for meal time to see what she favors. Our most recent additions to her menu are homemade smoothie pops, tofu, black beans, and garbanzo beans. I had never tried tofu before. The texture is interesting. It is a good source of protein and an easy finger food to prepare. I am so thankful for the incredible source the internet has been for helping me find good recipes and ideas for preparing healthy options for our little one. 95% of the food Abigail eats is organic. I have read so much about the importance of giving her the best food without all the chemicals and pesticides. Little bodies are so sensitive to these harmful elements. After learning about this, David and I are eating more organic food as well. About 50% of our refrigerator is filled with organic goodness. Organic food is more expensive, but I try to find it on sale. There are many frozen options as well. Trader Joes and Vons have quite a few organic foods that don't break the bank. I picked up a discounted book at Border's the other day and devoured it quickly. It is called Green Babies, Sage Moms:The Ultimate Guide to Raising Your Organic Baby. I learned so much reading this book. In an effort to be more green, I have also changed some of my cleaning supplies. I now use vinegar and baking soda to clean. A great website called has over 1,000 ways to use vinegar in your home from cleaning to gardening. :)

Back to Abigail's development! Here are some size facts and fun, quirky things she is doing these days.
*wears 6 month clothes, some 6-9 month clothes fit, but pants/shorts must be six months
*wears size 2 diapers
*clicks her tongue (especially to music)
*bobs her head and moves her body and arms to music
*if you sing out one note she will copy you, if you change your tone or do a scale she breaks up her notes as well
*stands on her own
*so close to walking independently
*walks her stroller around
*cruises on furniture
*still sucks her thumb to sleep at night
*likes to climb
*still in love with our dogs, laughs and squeals when they are close to her
*eats avocado almost every day
*enjoys eating scrambled egg yokes for breakfast
*when she nurses during the day, she holds her foot and extends her leg in the air :) (strange child)
*laughs saying,"ha-ha" after other people laugh
*says,"mama" all the time
*says, "baba" for her big lamb
*got her second tooth on April 21
*waves when you say, "bye-bye"
*loves the park and enjoys watching other children
*likes the swing and to go down the slide with mommy
*puts her baby or her bear in her stroller before she takes them for a spin
*loves books
*likes to pull all of her books off of her bookshelf and then explore her favorites
*loves her book about colors, I have it memorized!
*started taking bows out of her hair
*shy in new situations
*goes to the nursery at church with no problems now
*plays with her door to her bedroom
*likes to play her homemade drums of tupperware with spatulas and wisks
*likes mirrors
*loves peek-a-boo
*good sleeper
* very ticklish
*bites when she is teething
*loves ice and ice water
I can't believe she is almost a year old. The time has flown! :)


The Denny Family said...

*when she nurses during the day, she holds her foot and extends her leg in the air :) (strange child)

Isabella does the same thing, she will even unwrap her leg if its in a blanket to grab at her foot. So weird huh? A lot of how you describe Abigail is a lot like Isabella (except the good sleeper part.) She isn't walking yet though she kind of halted at cruising and walking with something/someone.
Abigail is too cute. :o)

Traci said...

Yeah! Keep up the good work, mommy! :-)

Bovee Brigade said...

Hi Kimberly! I just wanted to check out your blog. What fun you look like you are having with that cutie of a girl.

If you have time, feel free to check out my family's blog at

My mom will enjoy seeing yours as well. Blessings!