Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Be anxious for nothing

I am learning how to live life with less stress. I have sadly come to the realization that my stress/anxiety did not come from my teaching job. I always blamed it on my job, projects, etc. I now know that I am a person who is and can be anxious about many things. I think it has been magnified with hormonal wackiness from recently giving birth. I know this is not how God wants me to live. I get so overwhelmed by little things I need to accomplish. God is so faithful to point this weakness out in me, so that He can fill the gap and give me peace when I need it most. I am learning to take all my thoughts captive (2 Cor. 10:5). I am also trying to dwell on the things of the Lord that are true and lovely (Phil 4:6-8). My mind can get into a whirlwind of thoughts that are not from the Lord and they can rule my mind. I know when I am anxious and overwhelmed that I can not be the mommy or wife that God wants me to be. God is so good. He is on this journey with me to calm my heart and renew my mind. The practical solution of making lists has helped me take the jumbled thoughts out of my head. My heart has also turned to prayer and thankfulness when I feel my mind start to spin. Today this song came on the radio and it touched my heart. The line that stuck out to me was : You're committed to the process that makes me like You. What an amazing truth! God has not and will not give up on me. I rejoice in His great love and it makes me want to dance.


Traci said...

Hi Friend!

Thank you for your honesty! I'll pray that you continue to work towards less stress and more joy! I love you!

Danice said...

I hear your heart here Kim...making lists has been a great pratical solution for me as well as I tend toward the same reaction of feeling overwhelmed when life gets crazy! May the peace of the Lord be with you today!