Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A different perspective

I know that God made a family have a mommy and a daddy for a reason. There are so many wonderful qualities that drew me to love and marry my husband. We have a lot of the same likes and dislikes, which is part of what makes us compatible, but we also have differences that make life interesting. David likes to have fun. He doesn't stress out like I do and it takes a lot to make him mad. I am much harder on myself than he ever is on me. Now that we have a daughter, I feel like I am discovering my husband all over again. It has been a wonderful journey to see him develop into a father as I am learning to be a mother. As I tend to worry about little things, David tells me words of wisdom that help change my perspective. Abigail is so blessed to have David as her daddy. He will teach her how to laugh at her silly mistakes. He will show her a love for books, writing, and vocabulary. She'll be a wiz on the computer. Dogs will know she is their friend. Her heart will be compassionate for those in need, and she'll live out her love for Jesus by loving others. He may even teach her to wear her skirt on her head for fun. I am so thankful I am not a single parent. Abby will be guided by the both of us. I pray God will help us guide her as He molds her into the woman He wants her to be.

Check out the slobber drool in the first pic. :)


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Such a sweet post Kim. I am so glad God gave you as a wife to my cousin. May he bless you all richly as you seek and serve him.

kirsten doukas said...

Your husband found something I posted on flickr, saying that I'm pregnant with a little girl (due in March), and he said I have to check out your blog "for a taste of what's to come." :)

Your daughter is adorable! and I'm enjoying reading what you write. I just got married in May, and one of my worries has been what will happen to our relationship after the girl is born. What you wrote is really comforting, and I just wanted to say thank you. :)