Friday, November 28, 2008

Climbing All Over

Abigail has a pink bouncer that I like to keep in the bathroom. I put her in this while I do my hair and makeup, or when I need to use the facilities. ;) This keeps her occupied and safe. She sometimes gets upset if I leave the room these days. I thought I was so smart when I used this seat to my advantage. We call Abby, our little gymnast. She has always been very strong and active. She rolled over at 3 months old and today she actually had some real crawling action. Here are two photos from earlier this week. I think we may need to retire this little bouncer, until a new brother or sister comes along. =)


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

That looks scarry!! Josiah will sit up in his and just about tip it over on top of him but he doesn´t roll aroud in it and do flips!!!

Danice said...

This is so funny because just the other day Ryder buckled Cole up in his old seat (with is toddler size) and Cole tried to get up a few times and then figured out how to roll over and started crawling around with the seat on his back! We laughed so hard and then rescued him :)