Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Abigail's 6 month stats

Yesterday, we visited Abigail's pediatrician for her sixth month check up. Abby is now 13 lbs 4oz and 25 in long. I didn't write down her head circumference. My other doctor always gave me that information, so I didn't think to write it down. She is still in the seventh percentile, but growing proportionally. Our doctor would like me to feed her solid foods three times a day now. She said I can still add some formula to her food to add in some extra calories. I've been mixing it into her food for the last two weeks. Here are some updates on what Abigail has been doing lately.
*eating solid food
*has real people poo (haha)
*no more pacifiers
*had her first fever on November 5 after mommy was sick for a week (thankfully it only lasted a day)
*just started wearing size 2 pampers swaddlers
*wearing size 3-6 month clothes (some 6 month clothes are still too big)
*giggles and laughs when we kiss her neck and belly
*sucks her thumb
*almost crawling
*tries to sit up on the changing table
*loves bath time with splashes and likes to eat her washcloth
*enjoys eating bananas in a fresh mesh food eater
*talks/sings all the time
*when she nurses in the early morning in bed, looks at daddy sleeping and smiles while trying to touch him (so cute)
*sits up, but still needs some support
*puts everything in her mouth
*likes to take her socks off
*loves jewelry (necklaces and braclets facinate her)
*loves to look at the cute baby in the mirror
*loves to pet Noah and giggles when he comes over to lick her
*faces forward in the Baby Bjorn and helps mommy wash the dishes, cook, and do laundry ;)
*fascinated with faces and glasses (watch out, she will grab your nose)
*cries when you take away things she really wants
*migrates to the corners of her crib in the night
*Daddy has taken over bedtime and sings Abby to sleep every night
*sleeps on her belly curled up with her feet and arms tucked under her (she has done this since 3 months when she learned to roll over, everytime we put her on her back, she would roll right over to her belly)
*her hair curls up by her ears
*extra talkative in the early morning hours
*filled with smiles and joyful squeals when she wakes up

More fun awaits as Abigail continues to grow and develop her personality. She's a keeper. ;)

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