Friday, November 21, 2008

It's My Half Birthday!

Yummy! Sweet Potatoes!

Can you believe Abigail is 6 months old today? I can't. Parents of all ages told me that time flies when you have children. I now believe it! I don't have her current stats. We will be going to the doctor on Tuesday for her checkup. I did take her to the Wellness Center on Monday and she weighs 12lbs 13oz. She is growing. We have just entered the fun stage of solid foods. Wow! What a new experience! I know there will be many new and exciting stages in Abby's life, but this one means I need to be prepared and think about what she is going to eat, besides breast milk. We started two weeks ago. My new pediatrician said I could start with rice cereal and get her used to the idea of eating solid foods. I had very low expectations, since my friend, Jennifer, said she may not like it. She has done very well. I haven't pushed it and Abby is enjoying it. It's fun to take the time to teach her something new. When we first started, I had her stripped down to her diaper and put her inside her Bumbo seat. I knew it would be messy and I didn't even bother with a bib. Bath time would ultimately follow. Now she does wear her clothes and I put a Bumkin's bib on her. I love this bib. It is so easy to wash and dry. Abigail has eaten rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, peas, and today sweet potatoes. It is so messy and fun. She loves to hold onto the spoon, and it is sometimes hard to release her strong grip. I have learned to hold her hand(s) while I direct the spoon to her mouth. When I first introduced peas, I put some on her tray and let her discover it with her hands. Her hands went into the green pureed mixture and into her mouth went three fingers. "Mmm, that's yummy," I said enthusiatically. She smiled and then put her hands behind her ears and into her hair. I had to smile. The next day I actually found some dried pea goo in her ear that I had missed during bath time. Whoops! My baby girl brings me such joy. I pray that when she makes messes in the future, as she is learning and discovering something new, I will smile again. ;)


Kristina said...

I never knew this but later you can put rice cereal into all the other foods (to get more iron and calories into her) and then it's also great to mix foods up!

Put all the green veggies with sweet potatoes and stuff, etc.

Danice said...

Happy half birthday Abby! What a beautiful girl you are and what a wonderful mommy and daddy you have! You are blessed sweet one!!!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

She is so beautiful!!! Fun feeding time. Mine is about to start as Josiah is 5 months and 1 week and is very close to haveing a tooth come in, taste the smells of the food and crys if I eat a banana in front of him. He must remember that I ate many bananas while I was pregnate!!!l