Monday, January 5, 2009

7 month stats

I know I am a little late with this post, but I wanted to fill in my information about Abigail's progress before I forget. Abby turned 7 months old on December 21. Here's what she is doing these days. She is still on the light side, but she is a bundle of energy. She weighs 13lbs 10 oz.
*still loves bath time
*no teeth yet, still slobbers
*crawling (yay, I need to baby proof my house)
*pulls herself up and stands
*crawls to the end of her crib and stands up(crib mattress has been lowered twice now)
*wears size 2 diapers
*wears 3-6 month clothes (some 6 month clothing is still a little big)
*sits well unassisted
*laughs (you don't have to tickle her to get a laugh)
*loves to stand
*had her first snotty cold (doesn't like suction bulb)
*plays peek-a-boo
*jumps in her Sassy jumper now (bobs up and down)
*hair is coming in blonder ( has enough for a little ponytail in the back)
*climbs all over mommy and daddy when I bring her to bed in the morning
*easily distracted while nursing(she has to be in a quiet place/otherwise she thinks she is missing out on the fun)
*sleeps in funny positions (see picture below)
*good cuddler
*excellent hugger
*loves to play with her musical toys and blocks
*sucks her bottom lip
*much more 'talkative'
*eats in her white Ikea high chair
*good eater (loves her solids)
*loves being silly with Daddy (the diaper hat was his idea)


Danice said...

She is precious!!! Thank you for your encouragement've been such a blessing to us through this journey with Cole. Your comments bring us life. Congrats on being am ommy for 7 months so far! She is adorabel "proof" that you're doing something right!

Janelle said...

Hi Kim, I found Danice on here and you through her. Maria was showing me her page at work and when I got home I decided to look at it some more. I just wanted to let you know that the baby is soo precious and also to wish you a happy new year! We miss you at Kwis but at least you can be home more with your little one. Come visit us okay. You can email me at I would really like to keep in touch
God Bless you

Traci said...

Yeah, Kim. I'm glad she's doing well!