Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Having Fun and Growing Up

It feels like Abigail is growing before my very eyes. She is getting such a cute little personality. She got her first tooth on Saturday! Yes! She had been a little fusser for a few days and that was the reason. She won't hold still to let me get a picture of it, so when I can, I will post it. It is breaking news!!!! (Literally, through her little tender gums. Poor thing.) Abigail is crawling and pulling herself up to stand on everything, the legs of her high chair, the Wii fit board, the table, my leg, you name it.We have had a few playdates with a new friend named Amber. She is 10 months old. Her auntie, who attends my church, watches her and we have been meeting at the park. It has been fun to take walks together through the neighborhood. We even sang some songs at the park the other day. It has been good to get outside and be active. :)Abigail loves to play. She has a musical table from her Grandma Trisha(David's mom) and a exersaucer from her Grammy (my mom). She loves music and these toys are just perfect. She has a ring stacker but she thinks it is a percussion instrument because she likes to bang the rings to make noise. Her Great Grandma Margert got her a cute doll that we named Dotty. She has lots of polka dots. Abby likes to kiss/lick her face. It cracks me up. Our friends, Jon and Jenn, got her a fun polar bear and penguin ball ramp for Christmas. It is so funny, because Abby doesn't use it for its intended purpose. She climbs the polar bear and knocks it over and then pushes the button to play the music. She does like to crawl after the balls and put them in her mouth.Abigail loves remote controls and our cell phones, so I bought her one with some Christmas money from her Schwartz Great Grandparents. It calls a dog, cat, and a mouse. It makes ringing noises and the buttons sound like they are dialing numbers. Of course, she would rather put it in her mouth The other day she rearranged her toys which were all spread out on the rug in such a cool design that I had to take a picture. I was impressed that she brought all the toys together in one area. Only her mom, would think Abby had a future in art design. :)


Joyful Wife said...


I love getting to see pictures on little Abby and hear of the fun that you have together. She is so cute and is tremendously blessed to have you for a mom, teacher and playmate!

Love Shannon

Sarah said...

How sweet! Abby is growing so big! I can't wait for the weather to get warm enough here to take all my little girls out for walks and to the much fun!

That toy arrangement is pretty artsy looking in my opinion too! :-)

Linzee said...

Toooo cute are you!!!