Monday, January 26, 2009

8 Month Stats

Our little baby doll
See my new tooth! It's so white and shiny!Don't you think I have the cutest profile! ;)

Abigail is eight months old!!! Wow! She turned 8 months last Wednesday, so we made yet another trip to the Wellness Center for a weight check. She weighs 14 lbs 2 oz. She is still very small, but healthy and that is all that matters! She is reaching all her milestones and continues to amaze us daily. Here are some interesting tidbits about Abigail's life these days.
*wears mostly 6 month clothes/some are still too big( I put a NB onesie on her that fit today, oh my.)
*wears size 2 diapers
*laughs a lot and squeals with delight/especially after being kissed or tickled
*likes books/especially her puppy book (It has different textures that you feel as you read it.)
*likes to bite down hard now that she has her first tooth
*still nursing (working on the biting part...haha)
*gives wet kisses
*still sucks her thumb to go to sleep
*enjoys eating 3 'solid' organic meals a day
*likes to eat frozen peas and whole grain puffs all by herself (Such a big girl!)
*learning to master the sippy cup
*sings with us when we sing to her
*'talks' herself to sleep before naptime
*blows raspberries and makes bubbles
*sticks her tongue out to touch her tooth
*moves her arms and legs when she is really excited about something
*crawling very quickly
*enjoys a splashy bath time, although she wants to stand up and crawl out of the bath
*standing/pulling herself up on everything (even on Noah, our dog)
*likes to grab at wires (ahh! These are from our computer power chords.We are constantly moving them away from her.)
*loves to watch lights and ceiling fans
*a toilet flushing holds her attention
*enjoys watching animals (A trip to Petsmart is awesome with all those fish and birds. Wow!)
*actually jumps up and down in her Sassy jumper
*still loves to look at the baby in the mirror (We do this in every store we go into.)
*watches Sesame Street (She loves Elmo's World and I can't get that silly song out of my head.)
*closes her eyes when Macy (our German shepherd) comes up to her
*squeals and put her arms up and down when Noah (sheltie) comes up to her
*loves to ride in the Baby Bjorn
*enjoys walks outside in her stroller
*takes a short nap in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon
*sleeps with mommy's shirt (She has done this since she was 3 months old. I take the shirt out of the crib when I go to bed. You can never be too careful.)
Here is my first ponytail!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Such beautiful pictures. Thanks!!!

Traci said...

So fun! And such a cute yellow dress!!!