Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 Month Stats

Abigail, David, and I took a trip to the Wellness Center on Saturday to do a weight check. Abigail is now 15 lbs 3 oz. She only gained 5 oz. in the last month, which puts her in the first percentile. We go to the doctor in about 2 weeks to get her weight checked again. I think she didn't gain as much because she and I were both sick for a couple of weeks. Abigail has some family members on David's side that are very petite. She may always be tiny and I am perfectly fine with that. I am not trying to make her a little chunky baby. I just want to be reassured that she is healthy and that her body isn't having any problems absorbing nutrients. She hasn't been wanting to eat from a spoon much lately. She would rather have more control over her eating and feed herself with her fingers. So, I offer the spooned food first and then when she is done with that, I offer her finger foods. This seems to be working. It has been a little frustrating because one week she would love bananas and then the next week she would throw them all off of her highchair tray. I am trying to figure out what she likes. A few days later, I will offer her the food that she threw and many times she will try it again and like it. I have made some fun new recipes that she seems to love. Wholesome baby food is an awesome website that I have found to be really helpful in giving me good ideas for making my own recipes. I made banana pancakes for her the other day. You slice bananas and dip them in a whole wheat pancake mix and fry them up in organic butter. I also made mini turkey meatballs. I added cheese and garlic powder to the ground turkey and cooked them in some organic olive oil. She loved these. :) Abigail continues to amaze me by her progress as she gets older. She is so smart!!! Here's some more info about our little baby doll:
*wears 3-6 month clothes/more 6 month now
*wears size 2 diapers
*wears size 2 shoes
*walks if you hold her hands
*laughs in anticipation of tickling fingers
*still only has one tooth
*loves music and 'sings' with us
*bobs her head to music and waves her hands in the air
*crawls so quickly
*pulls herself up on everything and holds on with one hand
*has balanced a few seconds standing with no support
*waves her whole arm/hand to say good bye
*loves the dogs
*throws food off her highchair when she is finished eating or sometimes to play(she will laugh when she is playing)
*wiggly worm on the changing table
*still a stomach sleeper with her little bottom in the air
*pulls bibs off/eats mostly naked
*loves for us to crawl and chase her as she crawls around the house
*schedule was pretty consistent until the recent time change
*wakes up once a night to nurse (my favorite nursing session)
*still figuring out the sippy cup/ going to try a straw one
*loves Cherrios, frozen peas, bananas, cheese, avocado, & yogurt
*plays peek-a-boo by moving her own blanket on and off her face
*loves to climb all over mommy and daddy in bed
*more interested in books
*loves touch and feel stories
*enjoys musical toys
*still uses my purple maternity shirt as her lovey
*likes to drag toys when she crawls
*crawls to your location if you call her from another room
*crawls to Noah's crate, stands up, and puts her arm in to pet him
*likes to look out the window to watch the dogs play outside
*likes to stand up in the bathtub
*can take off her Velcro shoes
*loves to chew on a straw
*fascinated by ice water glasses and will put her whole hand in one
*loves to lay back and watch the ceiling fan rotateDavid and I are so in love with this little munchkin. She is pure joy!!!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Thanks for the updat. I love these facts as I am so far away. Of course the pictures are my favorites. I wouldn´t worry too much about her eating some things just to not want them after a few bits or the next day. Josiah is this way too. About the only thing he will eat all the time is rice with bean juice or refried beans. He has gone on a total fruit strike until today when I gave him mango. He loved it!!

Your little on is so tiny wish I could see her.

Love you guys.

Traci said...

Yeah, she looks so cute! I'm so glad you're having so much fun!

The Denny Family said...

That website is very informative. I really liked it thanks for putting the link on your blog. I still want to try those banana pancakes. I have made my own before by making silver dollar sized ones and putting the slivers of banana on the uncooked side before flipping it or mussing the banana and putting it in the batter before I make the pancakes.