Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Abigail: Father's Joy

Abigail's name is Hebrew for father's joy, father in rejoicing, or fountain of joy. I know she brings joy to her father and I, but I pray that she will bring and reflect God's joy to others. Here are some fun moments with our little peanut.

Playing with her music table from Grandma Trisha and Grandpa ScottDrinking and learning how a straw worksFamily pic at Griffin's 1st birthday partyShopping at TargetPlay date at the park with AmberSwinging at the parkWhere is Abigail?
Walking with her Stroll Along Walker (giving Dotty a ride)At lunch with Hannah in beautiful shades of purple


Danice said...

I love all the pictures! It's so fun to see the whole family together :) We miss you guys and are glad to see you're doing well! She's beautiful and such a reflection of you BOTH!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Sweet pictures!! Loved seeing you all together. Thank you! I miss you cousin.