Tuesday, June 16, 2009

12 month stats

This is almost a month overdue, but I need to record her stats so I don't forget them. At Abigail's one year checkup she was 16 lbs 14 oz and 28 1/4 inches tall. Abby is still in the first percentile, but she is staying on her growth curve. The doctor suggested we give her vitamins, since she is a picky eater. We are always trying new food with her to see how she likes them. She has days when she eats a lot and other days when she doesn't want to do much with food. She would rather play. Abigail has discovered playing with her food is a lot of fun. Once she starts playing in it, rubbing it all over, and throwing it on the floor; we end meal time. :) Life has become more fun as we have a toddler in the house. Here are some facts about her development and daily life.
*wearing size 2-3 Swaddler diapers
*wearing size 6-9 month clothes. (Some 9 month clothes fit her now!)
*loves to walk, takes some steps on her own (Today she took 21 in a row, unassisted.)
*enjoys opening and closing drawers and doors (She has smashed her fingers several times.)
*still takes a bath in the little blow up bath inside the big bathtub
*organic waffles, cream cheese toast, and mushrooms are new favorites on her menu
*loves to play with mama's keys
*sings and baby talks all the time
*says: mama, dada, hi, bye, barks like a dog
*waves, shakes her head no, claps, loves to pick up tiny pieces of anything on the floor
*gives kisses
*doesn't like sand, grass, or bubbles very much
*likes eggs one day and not the next
*loves to read books
*enjoys her new toys from her birthday
*Jeffrey, her stuffed giraffe, has become her new lovey
*has six teeth (She doesn't enjoy us brushing them.)
*loves to push her stroller
*doesn't like whole milk (She lets it fall out of her mouth.)
*still nursing
*pulls bows out of her hair
*still sits facing the back of the car since she is not 20 lbs (She doesn't like car rides as much as she used to. I am ready to turn her around.)
*only sucks her thumb when she sleeps and she does
n't do it as much as she used to
*has completely mastered all sippy and straw cups
*loves to climb out of her highchair, exersaucer, and car seat when I unbuckle her
*loves tickles
*smiley all day long (even when we are out in public)
*takes one good nap a day and sleeps for 12 hours at night
*loves the dogs (learned how to unlatch Noah's crate)
*discovered toilet paper
*enjoys riding in the stroller while mommy exercises(walks) with her friends
*points and grunts when she wants things
*we continue to use sign language with her
Pushing her stroller in downtown Fullerton Jeffrey and I are waiting for dada to get home.
See my cute curly ponytail!
Smiley bath time! Look at all my teeth!! Eating ice cream for the first time!
Yummy Cold Stone!


Randall and Rachel Beita said...

What a sweet little one!!!

Joyful Wife said...

She is so absolutely dear Kim. Thanks for keeping us all updated on your little Abby! I love seeing her pictures and hearing all about her and you and David. I love getting to see my cousin be a daddy!

I am praying for your little girl to gain weight and progress well, it sounds like she has the best mommy helping her in this area! :)

Sarah said...

Abby is growing up so fast! You are so blessed, Kim. I really love the picture on the steps and the one in the ponytail...Abby is precious.