Friday, July 10, 2009

13 month stats

Abigail is growing up so fast and I am falling behind in my documentation. :) I guess it is good that I am mothering and enjoying life. Blogs can wait. We made our monthly trek to the Wellness Center and our 13 month old weighs 17 lbs 4 oz. Her small stature has been a blessing on my back and my arms. She can stay tiny and petite as long as possible! She has been growing. I feel like suddenly she is leggy and fuller in the face. Here are some fun tidbits about her development:
*wears size 9 months clothes (surprisingly, some 6 month clothes still fit her)
*wears size 3 Pamper's Cruiser diapers
*wears size 3 shoes
*still nursing
*her hair is getting longer and she won't leave bows in it anymore (some rubber bands are left untouched)
*walking everywhere unassisted
*loves singing
*loves dogs
*enjoys playing with her yellow and orange bouncy balls
*points to your nose
*fascinated by her belly button
*wants to bite strange things (the couch, for example )
*puts sunglasses on/around her neck instead of her face
*loves opening and closing anything
*likes to put things in Noah's dog crate (even herself :)
*has gotten her legs caught in her crib when she is upset or sleeping
*still using her infant seat in the car (her Britax is waiting patiently in the corner of her room)
*loves laughing and falling backwards in our bed
*loves to hold and eat a banana all by herself
*loves ice water
*doesn't enjoy organic whole milk
*likes to push her mini stroller around and collect things to put in it throughout the house
*learned the sign for milk/nurse
*'talks' all the time
*likes to climb stairs on the playground
*getting more comfortable with strange ground textures (sand, grass, and woodchips aren't as scary)
*grunts and points for things she wants
*likes to take out the pots and pans in the kitchen cabinet
*likes to pick up our flip flops and walk around with them
*kisses her baby dolls and pictures of babies in books
*gives great hugs and kisses
*still wants to play when it is bedtime, so we have been letting her cry it out after our bedtime routine (this has been working)


Traci said...

Man, that hair is SO fun! What a cutie!

Danice said...

Way to go Abigail! Such a beautiful girl and awesome Mommy!!!

Sarah said...

Abigail is doing so many neat things! What a fun age. I love the pictures and the updates!

Funny you said she likes to bite strange Abigail always did too. Like she would randomly bite the nose of anyone holding her. I have NO IDEA where she learned that one! She still kisses and hugs strange things...

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Cutie!! What a happy baby.